An Introduction…


My name is Olufunmilayo Dosunmu. I am 24 years old. I go by Funmi, for short. I’ve started journals and blogs and such in the past, but I never commit, and my writings are often left forgotten. I’m not trying to convincing anyone of anything, I have no plot, no mission with this blog, except to express my thoughts. This blog is for me, a therapy of sorts. My mind is always racing, perhaps capturing these whispers will give me some insight into myself…

To the world, I am a happy, but shy, cute but quiet women whom people like well enough. I don’t have enemies. But this is just an exterior, an illusion. Who am I, truly?

My mind jumps around, I hope these writings will focus me. Calm me. Settle me. I honestly do fear one day I may become mentally unstable, I do think I have that capacity.

I guess this blog is a way for me to hold onto my sanity, for as long as possible. If all else fails, at least here lay my memories of the past.


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